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Dog Cologne

What Does A Blissful Dog Smell Like?

They Are...Sniffing Irresistible

A Blissful Dog is not constrained by boundaries that say a boy dog has to smell like saddle leather and 2 x 4s or a girl dog has to smell like a delicate peony awash in mystery...unless they want to! Instead, we offer a trio of scents to appeal to and enhance your dog's personality, mood or celebrate an occasion. Not only do our colognes smell delightful, they also gently detangle and condition the coat.

From First Sniff, which celebrates your dog's loyalty, love and playfulness to Simply CC, which is an ode to the classically fresh vibe of good clean fun to our headier fragrance, STRUT, which says, "Look at me! I absolutely am all that!"

First Sniff features the subtle mixture of mimosa and musk essence, the grounding infusion of ginseng and sage, with a hint of chamomile and rose hips. Makes us think of Clinique Happy or BB&W Twilight Woods.

Simply CC offers initial topknots of vanilla, ginseng, and sage, with midnotes of rosemary, chamomile and rose hips, accented by the fresh brightness of lemon. Reminds us of Lavanila or BB&W Lemon Vanilla.

Strut shares the depth of anise seed, tonka bean, brown sugar and amaretto. With a wee bit of the brightness of lily, cherry, cranberry and lemon. Think  L'Homme Ideal by Guerlain or Diesel Loverdose Tattoo. This is a more opulent, richer fragrance.

Take Our Sniffing Irresistible Quiz To Find Out Which Cologne Is Right For Your Dog

  1. Does your dog love chasing a ball, frisbee, stick, anything thrown? Yes No
  2. Is your dog's favorite past time going to the dog park so the other dogs can be jealous of their style and good looks? Yes No
  3. Does your dog have a best friend at doggie day care or the dog park? Yes No

Yes to #1 - Simply CC, Yes to #2 - Strut, Yes to #3 - First Sniff Yes to more than one or all three, your dog needs a variety of colognes for their every mood.

Starter Sniff - Buy 12 Colognes for $50 & SAVE

Get 4 of Each for $50

  • 4 First Sniff
  • 4 Strut
  • 4 Simply Clean CC

If you REALLY want a different assortment, leave a note at checkout or email us. 

You will also receive the quiz above as a fun shelf talker!

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